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Repurposing an old window is such a creative idea and so easy to do. A shorter  window can become a beautiful picture frame. A tall


Window Picture Frame

window might become a garden trellis.

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Oh vintage headboard, how do we count thy ways... Let your imagination


TIPS: Choose a window in reasonable condition. You don’t want a window that is falling apart or even dangerous so choose a charming

window in fairly good shape that needs a little tender loving care. Look for splintering wood, signs of bug infestation and significant wear. If you are using the glass in your DIY project, check it for chips and foggy appearance.


Vintage Window Garden Trellis
Headboard Idea

soar with many cool ways to reuse an old

headboard or footboard. The traditional headboard shape is perfect for creating a bench, shelf, garden swing, coffee tables and more.

Headboard Garden Swing

TIPS: Choose a headboard or footboard in fairly good condition. While you may want to maintain the look and feel

of your vintage piece, you also want to ensure that no nail heads are piercing

Headboard Shelving
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And what can you do with an old door? Better said, what can’t you do with an old door!


From furniture to shelving to coat racks


Coffee Table
French Door

and wall art, vintage doors are oh so versatile. The usual safeguards

apply including checking your potential selection for bugs, splinters, holes,

piercing nails and dangerous hardware.

through the surface, the wood is splinter-free and that any vintage paint isn’t peeling or cracking.

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